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Fashion begins the moment you start wearing VINTELI!

The baptism company VINTELI BY VIVIAN CHATZELI was founded in 2012 by the designer Vivian Chatzeli based on her love for children.

Exclusively handmade creations with an emphasis on excellent quality, impeccable stitching and original designs. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our experienced associates, your baby’s first official appearance exudes elegance and unmatched style. We use raw materials of high standards, precious materials, which transform, change character, following the style and aesthetics that characterizes each of our collections.

‘VINTELI BY VIVIAN CHATZELI” collections are available in a network of selected stores throughout Greece, as well as abroad, Cyprus, Germany, Canada and America.

Fashion begins the moment you start wearing VINTELI!

  • 2012: Foundation of  VINTELI baptism company by the designer Vivian Chatzeli
  • 2013: Expansion of the store network in Greece and Cyprus
  • 2014: Expansion of building facilities & modernization of equipment
  • 2016: Development of exports to countries such as Germany, Canada, USA.
  • 2018: Participation in runways (catwalk / fashion shows)
  • 2022: Creation of  VINTELI BY VIVIAN CHATZELI Outlet

Our goal is to make all our previous creationsthat were designed with love and passion, available again to the general public at affordable prices. For this reason, at VINTELI BY VIVIAN CHATZELI Outlet you can find all year round our most popular designs, creations for boys and girls, at unique offers.

VINTELI BY VIVIAN CHATZELI’s children’s clothing collections uniquely combine aesthetics, creating new trends in fashion, but also quality, through fabrics and careful stitching. Through the VINTELI  BY VIVIAN CHATZELI Outlet you can now purchase our children’s fashion creations at special prices.

The designer of VINTELI, Vivian Chatzeli, based on her love for childrens fashion, has signed all the collections of the company from 2012 until today.

She has  highlighted through her talent the style and the special aesthetics of her creations.

In her collections you will always find the widest variety of designs and colours, as well as special combinations of fabrics.

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